Robart Pinchless Bits

Put the A.R.T back into Horsemanship
A = Attitude   R = Response  T = Technique

Design Features

  • Precision cast and polished from high quality stainless steel in a variety of popular styles.
  • Independent rotation on each mouthpiece prevents pinching of the tongue.
  • Internal bushings permit the centre ring to rotate effortlessly, and either side of the bit to rotate independently.
  • Depending on the bit and how it is used, correction is given through pressure on the jaw, palate and lips without sharp pain.
Independent Rotation

Design Benefits

  • Each bit is designed to prevent pinching to the horse's tongue and enables the rider to work each rein independently.
  • Independent rein movement provides clear, pain-free communication with the horse, the result of which is a significant reduction in stress.
  • When the horse understands what the rider is asking and not concentrating on pain avoidance, the process of learning is greatly improved.
  • The calmer, more controlled environment makes signals of pain avoidance such as pulling, head tossing and heaviness on the forehand a thing of the past.

Endorsed by Judy Dierks

Champion dressage rider Judy Dierks and her husband Clemens (a highly respected Dressage Coach), own and operate picturesque training stables in NSW, Australia. Judy has long believed in the Robart method of bitting, and using a combination of the patented Pinchless bits, together with positive reinforcement to provide effective education through clear communication.

Robart Pinchless Bits instruct by gentle pressure, not by pain or pain avoidance.
All models are made from high quality stainless steel.

Robart Hollow Mouth Ring Snaffle - 5 1/2"
RRP £24.5

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