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Matrix™ Saddle Pads

The Matrix line is part of Toklat®'s T³ system - an innovative approach that integrates the latest ergonomic research with the most popular time-tested features. T³ marks a major transition in the design of products for the art, sport and science of riding. These products are systematically engineered for comfort, style and performance from the inside out, using new insights into the dynamics of equine physiology.

This page details the various materials used in Matrix™ Saddle Pads, so you can better understand the features and benefits of the T³ system and how your horse's performance can be enhanced through their use.

What is Coolback®?

Coolback is 100% orthopedic fleece that has been specifically formulated to withstand the rigors of equestrian use. As a manufactured fleece, Coolback® has consistant quality every time, with none of the variations found in natural hides such as sheepskin.

Like natural fleece, Coolback® offers superior breathability, as air circulates within the pile and easily passes through the woven backing. The 25mm resilient pile provides the ideal density and thickness for concussion protection. Due to it's excellent recovery over long-term use and washing, Coolback® will continue to offer maximum protection every time you sit in the saddle.

What is Etc™?

Etc™ is used in all the half pads, schooling liners and endurance pads that we carry. It is an innovative fabric that provides a non-slip, anti-friction surface for a secure and stable saddle position. Typically, non-slip depends on friction for grip. Friction creates heat. Etc™ provides a non-slip surface with grip, but it’s anti-friction properties minimize heat build-up. Additional to this, the fabric offers terrific breathability and wicking properties for maximum moisture and heat removal, is stain resistant and easy to clean.

What is Poron XRD™?

Poron XRD™ with Microban anti-microbial protection is a high-performance, open-cell foam that offers the best protection from repeated shock absorption.

When an object comes into high-speed contact with the foam, XRD immediately firms and absorbs 90% of the energy, creating a protective shield that absorbs the impact. It then returns to a submissive state where it remains flexible and non-restrictive. The air-permeable open cells resist collecting moisture and perspiration on the surface. The perforations and flex of the material allows air to circulate freely for better heat and moisture management. Microban inhibits bacteria, mould and mildew.

Poron XRD™ is used in both the Pro-Impact and Ortho-Impact Bio-Kinetic Inserts. We are sure you'll be as impressed with it's effectiveness as we were!


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