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Z-Grip Team Leader Reins (Buckle) - Pony

Code: 434333
Z-Grip reins are made from a dark brown matt material that has a similar weight and appearance to leather. Z-Grip gives a very consistant feel in both wet and dry conditions, it will not stretch and can be used in place of leather for a low maintenance alternative.

This model is made in the traditional way, with a coupling buckle on the draught reins for the usual adjustments to be made. This model is most suited for recreational driving and dressage.

The hand section has sewn stops to prevent the reins from being pulled through the fingers. A rein coupler with finger loop is fitted at the centre.

This model is available as an option in Team Harness sets.

For Team Leader Harness
All Brown
22mm wide hand grips.
Pony Size - 640cm (21')

Rec. Retail: £175.99

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