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Quick Release Marathon Tugs - 25mm

Code: 444823
These quick release tugs are designed specifically for marathon, and particularly for use on marathon vehicles with telescopic shafts, which have become widely used in many countries.

This model has been designed to increase stability, and the efficiency of the shaft's design. It features two extra straps - one which wraps around the saddle to prevent movement forwards and backwards, and one which anchors the tug to the D ring on the bottom of the saddle to prevent vertical movement. The effect of these straps is to ensure the tugs remain in an optimum position, particularly on tight turns where shaft movement can often displace the tugs. Because the tugs are fixed in place, telescopic shafts are able to move freely, as they are designed.

This model also features a smaller loop. This allows them to be fitted higher on the saddle, allowing them to sit shafts with very large rings in the correct position, and help prevent movement of the shaft end. They include our popular stainless steel quick release fittings.

This version is made from 25mm strapping, to fit Zilco Classic Saddles. A 32mm version is also available, to suit Zilco ZGB Saddles.

Sold as a Pair
25mm - to fit Classic Saddles

Rec. Retail: £84.99

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