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SL Deluxe Wheeler Saddle - Fig 8

Code: 448576
Based on the standard Zilco design with unique elastomeric tree, the SL Deluxe saddle conforms to the shape of most ponies to give good spine clearance.

This saddle features built-in waffle pads, so it can be used with or without a saddle pad. It is also fitted with purpose-moulded, abrasion resistant wear pads for greater durability. The girth points are 25mm wide and lined for added durability.

This Figure 8 model is available as a separate item to create an SL Team set. The terret is fitted to the near side for the near-side wheeler, and the off side of the off-side wheeler.

The leader rein feeds through the top ring of the Figure 8 and the wheeler rein feeds through the bottom ring. This gives a clear division between leader and wheeler reins, and helps to hold the lead rein off the wheeler's neck.

Length (Minimum): 82cm (32 1/4")
Length (Centre): 110cm (43 1/3")
Length (Maximum): 137cm (54")
Shetland Size

Rec. Retail: £118.99

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