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S5 (Extra Long) Quick Hitch Saddle

Code: 513551
This extra long Quick Hitch Saddle is made with longer flaps and girth billets, providing an extra 10cm (4") in length. It is designed for horses over 16.2 hands to give more height adjustment for the couplers.

The saddle is built on a flexible synthetic tree which will conform to the shape of most horses, whilst giving good spine clearance. It features built-in waffle pads, so can be used with or without a saddle pad.

It comes complete with stainless steel quick hitch couplers. The coupler height position can be altered to the particular regional racing requirements.

Black - Extra Long
10cm (4") wide
Weighs approx 1.75kg (3.85lbs) without couplers

Rec. Retail: £159.99

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