Fiona Griffiths - Endurance

Fiona Griffiths from Golden Endurance Team

Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Discipline: Endurance

How many horses do you have?
5 competing in endurance. one in foal. one retired and 15 riding school horses

Best thing about your horses?
They are kind generous gentle tough they will try and try for me always giving their best for me enabling me to do thing I never thought possible. They make me a better person.

What keeps you motivated?
My beautiful talented horses. I want to compete and I want to win, on a level field and my horses enable this.

What advice can you give to those who are new to the sport?
Join your local group. Read the rule book. Don’t over train there are only so many miles on your horses legs and remember its quality over quantity with training.

What is your favourite Zilco product and why?
The 2-part Deluxe Bridle and breast plate, tough, smart and can be personalised to your team colours with the many different colour options available.