Marie Tischer - Carriage Driving

Marie Tischer

Country of Residence: Germany
Discipline: Carriage Driving

How many horses do you have?
I have three horses of my own, but I have also a lot of young horses, which I have to train, and customer horses.

Best thing about your horses?
The self-motivation of Fortino and the willing of giving his best every day. He loves competing and show his talent. It is so much fun to train with him and he gives me the feeling of being my partner.

What keeps you motivated?
The development where my horses and I are going through. To see what I can learn from the horses, like trust, responsibility, true love and volition. These are things I also need in my life beside the horses and I am very thankful for this.

What advice can you give to those who are new to the sport?
Build a relationship with your horse. Trust is the key to everything! Work on one thing which must be improved and challenge yourself and your horse. Set goals, whether your just driving at home or for a competition.

What is your favourite Zilco product and why?
I love the bridle with the patent blinkers because they are super nice to look at, but I don’t really have any favourite Zilco products because I am really satisfied with everything and I love them!