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About Zilco

Zilco began in 1962 as a small factory in Sydney (Australia), making lightweight racing products from revolutionary synthetic materials. In the early 1980's the factory was moved to Christchurch (New Zealand) after a joint venture was formed with Trist & Small, a family business who had been making harness since 1872.

Zilco have always been innovators in manufacturing, through marrying quality and ingenious design with very modern materials, and traditional skill.  This philosophy continues to form the basis of product development activities today.

By the early 1970’s, Zilco was already well known in many parts of the world as synthetic saddlery was being exported to over 20 countries including the United Kingdom, all major European countries, Canada, the United States, Kuwait, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

At this time the business was expanded to include general wholesaling, when Zilco began selling a complete range of equestrian products throughout Australia.  This range included many leading European brands as well as products developed by Zilco’s product development team.

Throughout the 1980’s, Zilco’s Christchurch operations were gradually extended to include wholesaling of Zilco’s complete range to the New Zealand equestrian market.  In 1990, the firm of International Saddlery in Melbourne was acquired, followed by Gymkhana Equestrian Products in 1997.

Zilco’s range and world-class reputation continued to grow over the ensuing years until demand inspired the launch of Zilco Europe in 2002.  Through the sales and marketing operations there, Zilco was able to improve the accessibility of products throughout the UK and Europe with continuing success.

Zilco’s staff world-wide includes specialists from a variety of equestrian disciplines.  This knowledge and experience, coupled with constant market research is the driving force for the in-house product design team, which continues to develop the innovative world-class products for which Zilco is now well known.