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ZGB Empathy Girth

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Empathy Girth

My arabian mare loves to go the distance. However, we were held back by her developing girth sores. I tried to solve it by using pads, placing the girth further back and trying out several girth types. Nothing seemed to solve our problem, or it did but created elbow sores instead. Just when I was starting to accept that my horses' delicate skin was something I just had to factor in, I got the tip to try the Zilco Empathy girth. Well, I must say this must have been the best tip I ever got! Since I have had this girth, I have never ever had any girth problems again. The girth is soft on the skin, has a big area to make sure the pressure is distributed well and is still flat. Because of this girth, we have been able to continue pushing the distance. Or longest one day ride until now is about 60 kms, but we have also gone on a 150 km trail holiday. And I never even have to think about her girth area anymore!

by Rachel Marty, November 11, 2022

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