Zilco Brand Ambassadors

Zilco are proud to work with both up-and-coming, and well established equestrians across a variety of disciplines. Our collaboration with successful horsemen and women started in the 1980's when we began working closely with highly respected reinsman George Bowman Snr on the early modernisation of our synthetic Carriage Driving Harness. To this day, such associations remain a key ingredient in helping to ensure we continue to develop quality products that are fit for purpose and perform well under the rigors of constant use.

Click on the images here to learn more about the members of our Zilco Brand Ambassadorship program

Talitha Bakker - Endurance

Gemma Stewart - Leisure rider/Endurance

Emma Golding - Carriage Driving

Marie Tischer - Carriage Driving

Harriet Bradford - Carriage Driving

Sarah Bunney - Horse Boarding/Pleasure Riding